Who is Eligible to Apply for McNair?

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To apply to be a McNair Scholar or Pre-McNair Fellow, you must be

  1. A US citizen or permanent resident, which includes permanent residents of Guam/Northern Mariana Islands/Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands and residents of one of the Freely Associated States

  2. A full-time Truman student of freshman, sophomore, or junior status

  3. Interested in pursuing a graduate degree, particularly a research doctorate


  • A first-generation college student who qualifies as low-income

    • first generation = someone who lived consistently up to age 18 with parent(s)/guardian(s) who did not have bachelor’s (4-year) degrees

    • low-income = someone whose annual income as a dependent or independent student does not exceed 150% of the income guidelines published each year by the US Dept of Health and Human Services.

  • An underrepresented minority student, defined by the US Dept of Education as

    • Alaskan Native

    • American Indian

    • Black or African-American

    • Hispanic

    • Native Hawaiian

    • Native Pacific Islander