Research & Internships

Please scroll down for INDV 460 application information and links.

McNair scholars participate in many types of undergraduate research. The research activities required as part of McNair Program participation include

  • Development of an original, faculty-mentored research topic and proposal (sophomores);
  • Completion of a full-length original, faculty-mentored research paper and presentation (juniors);
  • Oral presentations at Truman and McNair research conferences; and
  • Submission of research articles to peer-reviewed journals for possible publication.

Other research activities include participation in external summer Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REUs) as well as oral/poster presentations at local, regional, and national conferences.

Research project timelines vary by cohort and scholar/mentor team, but in general,

  • Sophomores develop a topic in the Spring Term and participate in INDV 360: Summer Research Internship I during the May Interim. They may also participate in external REUs  during the summer session.
  • Juniors present their proposals at the regional MOKANNE Heartland McNair Research Conference in September. After revising as needed, juniors submit updated proposals in March of their Spring Term as part of their application materials to INDV 460: Summer Research Internship II. They present their revised proposal at the Truman Student Research Conference in April.
  • Rising seniors complete their research project during INDV 460 and present their findings at Truman’s Summer Research Symposium in August. They may decline to participate in INDV 460 if they are invited to participate in an external REU during the summer.
  • Seniors present their McNair and/or REU research at Truman’s Summer Research Symposium in August and at discipline-specific local, regional, and national conferences during the academic year. They submit full-length manuscripts for possible publication in Truman’s McNair Scholarly Review or other peer-reviewed publications.

Funding for McNair-project-related research supplies, travel, housing, meals, and stipends is available through the Truman McNair Program. Using the Funding Requests page on this website, students can request financial support during the academic year and summer. Our program accepts requests for travel funding by mentors who accompany McNair scholars to regional and national conferences and will approve those requests as our budget allows.

INDV 460 application information and links

The INDV 460 Summer Research Internship for undergraduates is funded by the U.S. Department of Education and Truman State University. It provides tuition (4CR), room & board, and scholar/mentor stipends for all participants. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Truman McNair summer internships will occur online this year.

McNair juniors who will participate in INDV 460 must work with their Faculty Mentor to submit updated application materials below.

Summer Research Internship II Application Materials Required for Funding Approval:

  1. Project Proposal for work culminating in a research paper of approximately 15-25 pages and a 15-minute oral presentation of research findings with accompanying presentation slides to be completed by the end of INDV 460: Summer Research Internship II (online May 18-July 10, 2020)

Guidelines: The proposal should be approximately five pages, not including bibliography, written by the McNair Scholar for a multi-disciplinary audience in the format of their discipline (e.g. APA, Chicago, MLA, etc.).

    • Proposal abstract (150 words, to be used as SRC abstract as well);
    • Introduction of the project topic;
    • Literature review that includes a statement of how the project will add to and/or fill a gap in current research on this topic;
    • Research question the project will address (working thesis/hypothesis optional);
    • Description of the methodology that is appropriate to the scope of the proposed project, compliant with CDC regulations regarding COVID-19, and feasible for an online course format during the 8-week summer program (and the Spring Term if needed):
      • If the research involves human or animal subjects, the methodology must include a plan to acquire approval from the Institutional Review Board or the IACUC before subject recruitment/selection begins; and
    • Citations and bibliography of research sources cited in the proposal.

McNair Scholars, please upload a PDF version of the proposal here.

  1. Personal Statement of Graduate School Preparation & Educational Benefits of McNair Research: approximately two pages written by the McNair Scholar in response to the following prompts:
    • Describe what you anticipate learning about the research process during this project and how that will help you prepare for graduate study,
    • Describe the potential benefits and challenges of the online internship format and your goals related to those,
    • Describe how you think this project will push you to grow intellectually and socially, and
    • Describe how this work relates to your career goals.

McNair Scholars, please upload a PDF version of your personal statement here.

  1. Mentoring Plan: approximately two pages written by the Faculty Mentor in response to the following prompts:
  • Describe how you will mentor your student in the research process as part of preparation for graduate study. How will you will train them in research methods, help them successfully navigate intellectually rigorous work, and aid their professional development during an internship that must occur in an online format?
  • Describe how the mission of the Truman McNair Program aligns with your values and goals as an educator and researcher.

Mentors, please upload a PDF version of the mentoring plan here.

  1. Faculty Mentor Availability Form: Mentors, please complete the form here.
  1. Budget & Timeline: approximately one page for each item, written by the McNair Scholar and Faculty Mentor:
  • Budget should include an itemized table outlining expenses relevant to the project—including Scholar and Mentor stipends–and justification for research supplies and travel items only (stipends do not need justification).
  • Timeline should include a week-by-week schedule and match the dates of the 8-week INDV 460: Summer Research Internship II (online May 18-July 10, 2020). It can also include any activities to be completed during the Spring 2020 semester.

McNair Scholars, please upload a PDF version of the budget & timeline here.

ELIGIBILITY: To be eligible to apply for funding, students must be current Truman McNair scholars in good standing who have completed INDV 400: Graduate School Preparation with a grade of B or better and must available to participate in all internship requirements as well as Truman’s Summer Research Symposium on August 16, 2020.

SELECTION: Applications are due by 5:00PM  on Sunday, March 1 Updated applications will be reviewed as received. Students and mentors will be informed of funding decisions and/or revision requirements as soon as possible, and online participation contracts will be signed by Friday, April 5 (or as close to that as possible). Proposals will be scored according to a rubric that reflect proposal guidelines provided to scholars in INDV 400 at the start of the Spring term.


What are the dates? Monday, May 18 to Friday, July 10, 2020

What will the schedule look like?  Scholars are expected to work at least 32 hours per week on research activities and 8 hours per week on graduate application preparation activities. Each student-mentor team will determine the specific weekly schedule for research work.

Our Program requires students to sign up for individual or small-group tutoring for verbal, quantitative, and analytical writing skills in preparation for the Graduate Record Exam (GRE). In addition, students meet in small, multidisciplinary groups for weekly, 1-hour research progress updates as well as work sessions for drafting the graduate admissions essay. We may also attend combined workshops with TruScholars participants (schedule TBA). In an online course format, meetings will take place via Zoom and Slack.

How & when will stipend payments occur?  The internship student stipend of $2,800 is the maximum allowed by the US Dept of Education and is usually disbursed in two pay periods (June 12 and July 17) after required work is submitted. Mentors are paid a $1,500 stipend according to University faculty summer pay periods.

What work are scholars required to complete?  A full-length research report (typically 15-25 pages, varies by discipline), a 15-minute research presentation with slides, graduate program application materials, and satisfactory progress in our GRE preparation curriculum.